• Logan Armstrong

Mens Holiday Gift ideas (Part 2)

The first video about the gift ideas did so well that decided to make it a series! (btw... don't forget to follow me on Instagram)

  1. A solid Fedora hat!

EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear this hat I get a compliment! absolutely love it! Find it Here

2. Men's jewelry! My staples are a simple silver chain and some silver rings!

Here are some affordable stylish ones!

3. Ray-ban Sunglasses

Needless to say, most guys don't have the best taste In sunglasses and end up looking like a 49-year-old father in their choices. But no worries Here is a stylish pair to fix that!

4. White Converse

Don't even need to explain. They are simple, classic, comfortable, and versatile. Here ya go!

5. Demin shirts!

Canadian tuxedoes are BACK BABY. Denim on denim is here and I'm here for it so here is the link :)


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