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Here are what I feel are some staples that guys will need in their closets, so if you're on the hunt for a gift to get your boyfriend, husband, friend, etc.. look no further!

  1. A classic mens top coat/ pea coat.

Dress it up with a suit or collared shirt or make it a bit more casual with a basic hoodie underneath. Here is an affordable option with free delivery!

2. Blue light blocking glasses.

Fashion meets function with a solid pair of blue light blocking glasses. If you are someone on a computer as much as i am these are a MUST HAVE. Link HERE

3. Fashionable pants OTHER than jeans.

If you or the guy your buying for is into fitness and DOESN'T skip leg day then these are the best purchase i can possibly think of. I own a few pairs by Legend London which can be a bit pricey. Here are great more affordable alternative I found on amazon!

4. A classic pair of Chelsea boots.

I Probably have 5-6 pairs of chelsea boots... dress them up or make them a bit more casual. Here is one of my favorite brands!

5. A mens fanny pack.

If Dwayne the Rock Johnson rocks one, you should too... Here is my favorite


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